York County Dental Society
Welcome Message

Greetings and welcome to the inaugural edition of the York County Dental Society website.  First
and foremost, a hearty and emphatic THANK YOU to our friends and colleagues at DENTSPLY for
their help and guidance in the creation and maintenance of this website.  For our members, we can
look forward to easy access and communication of planned events and developments within the
Society.  For all other interested parties, note the qualities of our organization that recognize the
importance of being open and accessible to all like-minded individuals striving to propel the
profession to the highest levels of excellence.  
Mission Statement

"The York County Dental Society is the professional association of dentists in York County
dedicated to serving both the public and the profession of dentistry.  The York County Dental Society
fulfills its mission by upholding standards of professional integrity, encouraging communication
among its members and providing continuing education opportunities for its membership."

Thanks to the foresight and historical inclination of the late Dr. James MacBride, Sr., hand written
minutes of the genesis of organized dentistry in York County and of the early struggles by our
forebears to form the first dental group has been preserved from oblivion.  

The birthday of organized dentistry in York County occurred on September 5, 1909.  In the evening of
that day, a small group of enterprising dentists gathered at the office of Dr. H. Elmer Trostle for the
purpose of establishing a dental society.  Dr. Trostle was elected as the President.  The executive
committee included Dr. J. W. McKinnon, A. M. Geesey, J. Reichley, C. N. Trout and W. S.
Eisenhart.  A constitution and bylaws were adopted.  The official title of this group was the "York
County Odontological Society."

Expenses apparently were not a major item.  The first year's expense was $4.90.  With a total of
$27.00 in the treasury, it was decided to suspend dues for the ensuing year.  On March 3, 1910, the
York County Odontological Society became a component of the Pennsylvania Dental Association.  
On or about that date, the Society was comprised of 39 members, some of whom were from
Hanover.  Currently, the York County Dental Society boasts a total membership of 157.  

John W. Staubach